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This year we are continuing to offer the CMSA Clean Shooter Jackpot at each match AND the Northeast Six Shooters member Clean Shooter Incentive. Here are the details…

The Clean Shooter Jackpot (CSJ) is entered per match through the CMSA registration process. The entry fee is $10. Anyone who enters the CSJ and has no time penalties assessed receives an equal share of the total jackpot. So if 10 riders enter, and 5 of them shoot clean, those 5 receive a $20 jackpot prize each.

The Clean Shooter Incentive (CSI) is an ongoing Northeast Six Shooters program. All active club members are eligible. At any Northeast Six Shooter (N6S) match where the member has no time penalties, they will receive a clean shooter credit, tracked by the club secretary. A rider with a total of 5 clean shooter credits receives a free entry to a future non-championship N6S match. The CSI program began in April, 2016, and spans competition years provided the rider remains an active member of N6S.

In order to consistently track “clean shooters” with the definition of “no time penalties”, we will use the following score keeping conventions:

Raw Time is the total ride time, as recorded by the timer.
Penalty is the sum of all time penalties incurred (missed balloons, dropped guns, dropped barrels or gate cones, procedurals, hat loss, etc.)
A Non-Qualified run will be entered as a 60 second Penalty, leaving the Raw Time as-is.
Scratched stages are Non-Qualified runs.
Lead-line wranglers will have their raw time recorded as 60 seconds and only misses, procedurals, etc. will show as time penalties.
The Penalty entry will not exceed 60 seconds.
As always, the Official Time is the Raw Time plus the Penalty, to a maximum of 60 seconds.
These same scores are used at year-end to determine our Sharpshooter of the Year as the member with the lowest average penalties per stage entered, having competed at more than half of our matches (excluding the Regional Championship). 

Clean Shooters


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